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Learning how to be “peace in the chaos” took years of work and painful introspection which I catalogued in my first book, Hands Free Mama. During those early years of my journey, there were many times when staying committed to choosing love felt overwhelming and impossible. But, I learned that I didn’t need to make a lot of big changes; instead, I just needed to take the next small step.

This small-step by small-step approach to making healthy, loving responses a way of life is the premise of my latest book, Live Love Now. And it is the essence of my supportive online course, Soul Shift. It brings me great joy to share a few of my most helpful practices with you through this free eBook.

When taken to heart, the stories and strategies found in these pages have the potential to soften your voice, repair broken bonds, and cultivate a happier home where people can breathe and thrive.

This small book offers the most powerful tool of all as you take the first step toward creating a more positive version of yourself – and that is hope; hope in who you already are and hope for who you can become.

My hand in yours,

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